Our Facility

We are located at 3390 N Home Street in Mishawaka, Indiana.
Our building is on the east side of the road, 4/10ths of a mile south of Day Rd and 6/10ths of a mile north of McKinley (US 20).
Home Street runs from Day Road to Jefferson Avenue.
It is 2 miles East of Grape Rd. and 2 miles West of Bittersweet.

Our state-of-the-art facility covers just under 30,000 sq.ft. and includes the following equipment:


2 loose foam pits Full-size spring floor Three in-ground resi-pits 44' Tumble track
Rod Tumbling Strip - into loose foam or resi-pit Rock Climbing / Bouldering Wall Three climbing ropes Peg board & Fidget ladder
Spring Tumble strip 4 sets of uneven bars Pit bars Single bar
Two vaults - one into a loose-foam pit Eight beams - one into an in-ground resi-pit 2 Rings Towers - one into loose-foam 2 In-Ground Trampolines
Three Mushrooms 3 sets of Parallel Bars 2 Men's Highbars Three Pommel Horses
Two Mini-Trampoline Universal Weight Set Two Handstand Trainers A Tunnel Slide
Pre-school Area PVC / Straps Bar Pro-shop Drink / Snack Machines
Balcony Viewing Area Ballet / Dance Room Locker Rooms Jogging Trail

Our entire gym area is covered with 1 1/4" thick foam with carpeting.
Every event is thoroughly matted for utmost safety.
Spotting blocks, sting mats, and skill cushions abound.
We not only strive to provide the best possible equipment and instruction but also to provide maximum safety for each and every child.

This is our lobby area. It contains our front desk, vending machines, and pro-shop.    

Our balcony viewing area seats 200 people, has two bathrooms, and a pre-school area.    

Our danceroom has mirrored walls, a finished hardwood floor, a sound system, and hand-rails.

This is a view of our gym from the South-East. It gives you a good idea of the size of our facility.

In this view of our gym, from the North-West, you can see our beautiful mural on the back-left wall.

From the South-West, you can see our loose-foam area which you can vault into, swing bars over, or mini-tramp into, as well as our balcony area in the background.

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In this view of our gym, from the North-East, you can see our floor, beam area, and most of our boys equipment

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This is our Party Room. It's got a short-wall that looks out into the gym. Plus, there are plenty of chairs, tables, and a fun party theme.

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This is our TV/toy room. Lots of siblings wait with their parents in here while their brother/sister is in class. There are book/magazines to read, too.

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This is our Martial Arts area. It's upstairs behind our balcony bleachers. The whole floor is padded/carpeted and we have bags/pads for training.