Gymnastics Michiana


9/24/18 - 9/29/18

This is the fifth week of our Fall class session.
    Fall runs for 9 weeks and ends October 27th.

Our next session - Winter 1 - runs from Oct. 29th to Dec. 22nd.
    Open enrollment for Winter 1 begins Wed. Oct. 17th.

This is not a Watch Week.  Please sit downstairs to observe.
    The next Watch Week will be the 6th week (10/1 - 10/6).

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We are a family-owned and operated sports facilty.
In business for more than 35 years,
we currently have our 4th generation taking classes!
Our staff is mostly composed of family, friends,
and former or current gymnasts of our competitive team.
We put safety first, followed by a balance of fun and progress.
Students can start as young as 18 months
and we have both recreational and competitive programs.
We would love to have you join our gym family!



“My daughter looks forward to gymnastics every week.
She has grown in confidence & ability because of the great program here!”
- Stephanie, Mishawaka

“Mom, gymnastics is like my happy place."
- Kallahan, age 7

“My family and I absolutely love Gymnastics Michiana!
The coaches are fantastic and engage well with the kids. ”
- AmySouth Bend

“I have been very happy with Gymnastics Michiana since starting my daughter.
Everyone has been so friendly and helpful.”
- Christine, Granger