Gym Michiana's Rules and Policies

Mission Statement
To promote the sport of gymnastics in the Michiana community and to excel in guiding
young athletes to reach their highest personal potential by providing a safe, fun,
positive environment for their athleticism to flourish in order to build their
self-confidence, attain their goals, and achieve their dreams.


Gymnastics Michiana maintains that all people learn differently and so should be taught on an individual basis. Students are placed in appropriate ability or groupings and each is worked with at their own level. All instructors make a sincere effort to insure that each gymnast experiences success.

Methods and Progression

Any activity involving motion or height creates the possibility of injury. The chances of serious injury are increased if proper techniques and progression are not used. In order to insure proper learning and safety, Gymnastics Michiana has a definite teaching progression for each class or group. These progression techniques are used to promote the student's learning and safety. You assume a risk of serious injury in gymnastics, but this risk can be significantly reduced by following these techniques and rules. At times, it may seem that the gymnast is not progressing, or is repeating previous skills. It must be remembered, however, that the gymnast must master basic skills before moving to more advanced ones. It should also be remembered that at all ages, the physical and mental maturity levels can be different, which may explain the difference in learning rates. To promote safety and proper execution technique, each person is treated as an individual and works at their own level. For more information about our progression, feel free to ask any of the Gymnastics Michiana staff.


The staff of Gymnastics Michiana consists of a highly qualified group of instructors, who are all experienced in either teaching gymnastics, or working with children and have been trained to instruct gymnastics. Three of the staff have a combined total of over forty years of teaching and coaching experience, which includes various local, sectional, district, state, and national champions.


We encourage girls to wear a leotard but athletic shorts and a t-shirt or fine, too, as well as footies or socks. Boys should wear shorts and a t-shirt and socks. Bare feet are not allowed during class time, unless the instructor has advised students to do so for safety reasons. Warm-up pants and jackets may also be worn until the gymnast has warmed up. Jean shorts or jean cut-offs should never be worn while in the gym. Long hair should be pulled back from the face. If not appropriately dressed, the gymnast may be restricted from some or all activity. Gymnastics Michiana's pro-shop has an extensive line of gymnastics clothing, which may be purchased for class or personal use.

Practice Time

Practice time is available any time Gymnastics Michiana is open for classes, to anyone who has a current annual registration, and who can work safely without a spotter or instructor. Small children will not be allowed to practice unless an instructor approves their level of competency. At no time will parents be allowed to go onto the floor to watch or assist their child in any activity. Classes have first priority to equipment over those practicing only. Practice time may be purchased for $1.00 per half hour. Register at the front desk, please.

Gym Closing

The gym is closed at any time the majority of local school corporations are closed for snow days. Other days that the gym may be closed will be posted at least two weeks prior to the closing. We will also be closed on various national holidays and classes will be pro-rated. It is always a good idea to check the annoucement board, the webpage, or at the front desk for holiday closings.


Once the first class is held, we cannot offer a full refund. We realize that illness, injury, family problems, etc., may at times make this difficult and we may still be able to work a credit on future classes. In general, however, our policy will be one of no refund until a replacement can be found. We will not start anyone in a class after the first two weeks so any replacement must be within the first two weeks of the session.

Make-ups for Missed Classes

A student who misses a class can make up the class at a different time IF the class is not filled to capacity or if someone is absent. Otherwise, the student can have an hour of free practice time to help minimize the financial loss. All classes missed should be made up by the end of the next session. We allow two (2) make-up's per session, per class. If you know in advance that you'll be absent, please let us know, so that we may schedule someone else into a class.

Watch Weeks

It is generally better for the students if the parents (and others) are NOT in the gym during classes. They are less distracted and can focus on the instructor, helping them progress and keep classes running smoothly. We have designated watch weeks, which are usually the first and sixth weeks of an eight-week session and the first and fourth weeks of a five-week session. During these weeks, anyone may come into the gym and watch the students from the balcony.

Priority Re-Enrollment

On the sixth week of an eight-week session (and on the fourth week of a five-week session), we save a spot for your child in the same class that they are currently in, on the same day, at the same time, for the next session for a period of two weeks. All you have to do to secure that spot is pay for it by the end of those two weeks The dates of this re-enrollment period are clearly posted on the announcement board, on our website, and on the new class schedules handed out to current students. If you are switching days and/or times, if your child was moved up to the next level, or if you are adding another class or another child, we have forms available at the front desk to do so. You must still make your payment by the end of Priority Re-Enrollment to secure the new spot. At the end of Priority Re-Enrollment, all unpaid students will be moved to the waitlist, allowing paid students who are switching, moving up, signing up, etc. to take their place. Communication is vital for this process to work to everyone's benefit. If you do not plan on attending the next session, please notify us so that we can plan on that spot being available to someone else. Remember: There are no exceptions to class maximums.


There is a $24.00 annual registration fee for each person involved in a class. This fee is non-refundable, and is used to defray the cost of insurance, which we must carry on all participants. All classes must be paid for within seven (7) days of sign-up or the names may be dropped and the spaces given to others. Because of the limited number of spaces in each class, this policy must be followed.

Class Interruption

Gymnastics Michiana reserves the right to remove a child from class if they're disruptive to the point that the instructor cannot teach the class effectively.