Booking A Party At GM

We want your experience with us to be easy and fun!  The following steps will guide you through our booking process:

Step 1:
When would you like to have your party?
Note - We are booked out very far in advance. Please plan well ahead to resere with us.
Parties are typically on weekends, although other days can be worked out if the gym and a host is available.
Parties are booked in a two hour time-slot, although with a Bronze package, it is possible for the party to finish before that two hours is up.
Party time-slots: Saturdays at 3:30pm or 6:00pm and Sundays at 10am, 12:30pm, 3:00pm, or 5:30pm

Step 2:
What package would you like to book?
Initial Gym Time: 1 Hour Initial Gym Time: 1 Hour Initial Gym Time: 1 Hour
Food/Present Time: Up to 45 Min Food/Present Time: Up to 45 Min Food/Present Time: Up to 45 Min
Ribbons/Coupons for all Ribbons/Coupons for all Ribbons/Coupons for all
  Special shirt for the birthday kid Special shirt for the birthday kid
  Personalized party invitations  Personalized party invitations
  Extra gym-time after presents Extra gym-time after presents
    All-Inclusive! Show up with nothing!
    We provide the table coverings, serviceware, and refreshments
(personalized cake, ice cream, & juices) for all the kids!
    Plus, a higher probability of getting the gym to yourself!

Step 3:
How big is your party going to be?
The base price of your party is determined by the number of participants in the gym.
Note - When booking your party, we just ask you to ballpark how many kids will be attending so we can plan.
We actually settle-up with you at the end of your party so you only pay for the actual number of kids that attend!
Up to 10 kids: $147
11-15 kids: $176
16-20 kids: $205
21-25 kids: $234
26-30 kids: $263

Step 4:
Put down a deposit.
We do not book any party without a deposit of $50.
This will be deducted from your total price when we settle-up.
Note: This is a non-refundable deposit.  If you cancel your party for any reason, you will lose this deposit.

Step 5:
Gather supplies.
We provide the facility - you provide any decorations and/or refreshments + anything necessary for them.
You'll want to bring 4 disposable tableclothes, plus you'll need plates, napkins, utensils, etc.
     (Note: The Gold package would take care of all of this!)
Any balloons, party favors, goodie bags, etc. are also up to you, if you'd like to give them out.
     (Remember: We do pass out ribbons and coupons to all children attendees.)

Step 6:
Enjoy your party!
We do all the work - relax and have fun!  This is your child's special day!
Please let us know if there is anything else we can do to make your experience even more exceptional.
Note: We require signed waivers for anyone going out onto the gym floor (including adults).

Step 7:
Settle up.
Remember: we bill you based on the number of child participants in the gym (parents do not count).
We accept only cash or check for the balance due at the end of your party.
Please plan accordingly so you're prepared to make payment appropriately.
Thank you for letting us be a part of your child's birthday!
We know you'll have a great time!