Martial Arts at Gym Michiana

Gym Michiana is pleased to offer martial arts classes!
The combination of our awesome facility, years of business expertise, and excellent teachers provides the best experience in the area!
Our Martial Arts Program has been designed from scratch to provide students of all ages with a martial arts
skill-set that they can use for self-defense, athletecism, personal development, or an athletic career in XMA.
Our classes follow a logical progression from toddler to adult, with all aspects of martial arts being developed,
such as punches, kicks, blocks, throws, holds, forms, XMA routines, board-breaking, sparring, and weapons training.

Classes are divided up first by age and then by belt.
We group the first three belts together in a White through Yellow belt (W-Y) class or "Basic" class.
Once they get to Green belt or higher, they are grouped together in our (G+) class.
Student's in the G+ classes have a basic mastery of martial arts and are allowed to start sparring.
Class descriptions are as follows:

Ages 5 to 7  - Little Lions (Basic/W-Y)

This class is for children of 3 to 6 years in age that have had little or no experience in martial arts. We focus mainly on coordination, flexibility, and basic martial arts skills with some self defense. The core of this program is life skills – we emphasize confidence, discipline, and following directions. Also featured in this program is our “Stranger-Danger Safety System” which explains to children how to react in various situations (ie: fire, someone trying to abduct them, etc.).

Ages 5 to 7 - Little Lions (Green & Up)

This class is for Little Lions that have achieved past their yellow belt. They will have more advanced balance and martial arts drills. A main focus of this class is introduction to basic XMA, as well as sparring, weapons, and board-breaking. The life skills focused on here are self control, integrity, belief, and honesty.

Ages 8 to 13 - Juniors (Basic/W-Y)

This class is for kids of 7 to 12 years of age that have had little or no martial arts experience. In this class we cover the basics of martial arts. Punches, kicks, blocks, and basic forms as well as practical self-defense. Life skills emphasized include: discipline, integrity, self-control, and honesty.

Ages 8 to 13 - Juniors (Green & Up)

This class is the next step in the Juniors martial arts training. They will begin things such as XMA, more advanced self-defense, board-breaking, basic weapons, and sparring. The life skills emphasized include leadership, self-esteem, how to motivate others, and how to cope with pressure.

Ages 14+  Adults (Basic/W-Y)

This class is for adults interested in martial arts from a practical point of view. Focuses include: basic self-defense, basic striking, and basic grappling, as well as flexibility and core-strength.

Ages 14+  Adults (Green & Up)

This class is for adults ready to take the next step in their training. Focuses include increased flexibility, endurance training, intense core-strength training, advanced striking, and ground fighting techniques. The self defense will be partner-based and fairly intense.