Important Health & Safety Announcement from Gym Michiana

Parents, Students, Friends, & Gym Michiana Family

We are shutting down.
We tried... We tried to fight this pandemic. We tried to be courageous, diligent in cleaning/disinfecting, and remain open as a safe place to expend some of your children's pent-up energy. Unfortunately, this viral scare has spread faster than anticipated and between schools shutting down, limits to public gatherings, travel restrictions, and confirmed infections, the number of people comfortable with continuing has dwindled to an unsustainable number. In the last week alone, we've seen our attendance numbers steadily decline to the point where almost 90% of the students we had have either withdrawn from class completely or not come. You are receiving this email because you have at least not pulled your kid out yet, stuck with us right up to the end, or kept your money with us until this thing blows over. It is the last two categories of people for which we are most grateful and we have spoken with or corresponded with some amazing and generous people over the last week. This has been an absolutely heart-breaking process, dropping family after family, watching our our numbers go down farther and farther, and temporarily laying off staff and advising them to file for unemployment. We do not harbor any hard feelings for those who have pulled their children out! We understand that this is a frightening and unprecedented time and we completely respect people wanting to protect their families. We are now doing our part to try and slow the spread of this contagion, too, and are suspending classes and complying with recommended quarantining. We plan to shut down, effective immediately, through Spring Break and intend on re-opening April 13th. We do not have all the details worked out yet for when we do re-open but obviously we'll have time to sort that out now. We will be thinking about and missing all the smiling faces and we sincerely hope that this will give us enough time to get past this and start again, reinvigorated and ready get back in the gym! Thank you all so much for being a part of Gym Michiana!! We can't wait to see you all!


The Poe Family and Gym Michiana Staff