Dance at GM

Our Dance program is just getting off the ground with two combo classes, differentiated by age -- 4 to 6 yr. olds and 7-10 yr. olds. The classes will cover three styles of dance: jazz, ballet, and modern. The purpose is to introduce children to the three different forms of dance and allow them to experience them over the period of our session. As we progress through the year, we will be adding more classes, letting kids choose to concentrate on a specific style they really enjoy or try a new one that we haven’t yet even offered before. Classes will coincide with all of our other class programs, with the same discounted pricing, letting students do multiple sports at the location and/or let siblings all come to the same place for different sports. Check out the schedule and add a dance class this session!

Currently, Dance classes are only offered on Wednesdays. Click the Schedules link on the left to see specific times for each age-range.