Why Should My Child Do Gymnastics?

The Benefits of Gymnastics
Most everyone recognizes the value of physical activity in our daily lives. Children are no different. The CDC's National Center for Health Statistics clearly shows that children are becoming more overweight and our population as a whole is becoming more obese. A gymnastics club provides children with a comfortable place that encourages physical activity. Here at Gymnastics Michiana, our focus on fun, safety, and personal progress stimulates children of all ages to participate in physical activities specifically geared towards strength, coordination, and flexibility - all of which can help these young athletes whether or not they choose to continue with gymnastics or switch to any other sports-related activity. Below are some common questions parents first have when considering gymnastics for their child(ren).

How can gymnastics help my child physically?
Gymnastics can endow children with great physical benefits. From muscle strength and balance to healthy bones and flexibility, gymnastics provides and exciting option for parents who know the value of a full-body workout. Every part of the body is used when doing gymnastics.

How does gymnastics improve muscle strength?
Opportunities to gain muscle strength through tumbling, jumping, static flexing, and holding one's own body weight in various positions help children develop strong and powerful bodies. This strength aids in the development of lean, toned muscles, improved balance, and even improvements in posture.

How else can gymnastics help my child's wellbeing?
Our gymnastics club provides a stimulating, age-appropriate curriculum and terrific instructors who care about their students, which helps children yield important non-physical benefits from gymnastics. Cognitive, social and psychosocial benefits might not be as obvious as toned muscles, but there is no doubt that they are there. Gymnastics can improve childrens' behavior and discourages harmful activities. Gymnastics clubs provide a stable, reliable physical activity source for both children and teens. Young people who are consistently physically active are much less likely to engage in using tobacco, alcohol, or other drugs.

How does gymnastics improve my child's confidence?
Gymnastics clubs use a supportive, mastery-oriented approach rather than one that pressures children to excel at all costs. As a result, nurturing instructors are able to help budding athletes develop a wonderful sense of confidence. In addition, physical activity tends to reduce feelings of depression and anxiety.

They're more than mats, bars, and beams - they're building blocks for life.
Gymnastics is anything but routine. It teaches creativity, flexibility, and coordination. Parallel Bars sharpen focus and build self-esteem. Vault gives young athletes a running start toward skills like speed, agility, and power. Rings help kids soar by teaching strength and control. High Bar is an exercise in manual dexterity and precision, as well as courage and strength. Floor helps kids live a life with poise and self-confidence. Trampoline gives young athletes a jump on valuable skills like spatial awareness and control. Pommel Horse develops core mobility, rhythm, and timing. Balance Beam instills grace, poise, and of course, balance.

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